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Era Shae Brown


I started pretty early in life loving anything to do with design. After spending my formative years designing t-shirts and clothes, endlessly rearranging my mother's furniture, and repeatedly redecorating my room, I went on a brief detour into Nutrition. After I got back on my merry little design way, I learned to craft furniture and helped build a business of designing and constructing bespoke furniture made from recycled materials, mainly lumber. I stayed in the furniture business for 7 years where, in addition to getting extremely dirty building furniture and tearing down barns, I designed all of the marketing and graphic materials as well as the website. We have since sold the business and I have focused my efforts on interior decor, furniture design, custom decorative art, graphic design, and, after completing a proper web design program, website design. I love what I do. I love to make things (all kinds of things) interesting, original, and attractive.

Design Style and Philosophy

Your environment and the things within it matter. They should be upliftling, exciting, and comforting. To achieve these qualities you have to consider the means when getting to the end. Good design no longer feels good when it is at the expense of more important things like comfort, health, and the environment. Reuse, Recycle, Reinvent, and Redesign are my first directives when tackling a project. If I need to, I add some new, well thought out items into the mix. My interior and furniture designs are a balanced mix of two or more of the following: eclectic, modern, rustic, earthy, edgy, and minimal with a big helping of the clients personality. I do not dictate, but collaborate with the client by contributing unconventional thinking and creative solutions.

My graphic and web designs are a mix of clean, minimal, interesting, fresh, original, and refined. Where graphic and web designs are used in conjuction with interiors, I think about the project holistically to create a cohesive corporate identity that will reflect your business philosophy and motivation.

Web Design

I construct websites from simple to complex. Whether you need custom web applications, a custom cms (content management system), an e-commerce site, a blog, or just a simple bare bones website, I can create what you need. I create websites that are responsive (work on mobile devices) and seo friendly, as well as, streamlined, functional, and attractive at affordable prices. Contact me and include details about your project needs and I will give you a quote.

Custom Web Applications

I have experience designing complex dynamic forms and web applications that perform tasks such as customer reservations and appointment scheduling.

Interior Design

I can design your space whether business or home. Services range from just a consultation or advice ($35/hr) to complete design service and design plan (prices to be quoted based on scale of the project. Please contact me with details). I will also be offering an e-design service in the near future for those who are not in the Western NC area.

Furniture Design

I have extensive experience in the design of custom pieces of furniture or cabinetry for specific spaces and the reinvention of existing furniture to fill the needs of a design plan. I can construct the items or find a suitable craftperson to do the work, or if you are so inclined, provide you with the plans and cut list for the project.

Total Business Design

I will design of all aspects of your business to cohesively reflect your corporate or personal identity including but not limited to: website, print materials, logo, and interiors.

Print design

Logos, letterhead, business cards, packaging, brochures, labels, menus, etc...

Contact info

If you would like advice or a quote for any of your design projects, please let me know and I will do my best to help you.

  • Address: 103 Vail Pass Rd. Whittier, NC 28789
  • Phone: 828.331.8264
  • Email: aidanshaerob@hotmail.com

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